Starting a new tool

I have been trying for some time to get the ball rolling on Windows RT apps. As a professional software developer, and as I am using all the rights tools in my daily work, this should be a fairly small step.

However, the Windows RT programming paradigm is somewhat different from what I am used to, so this has proven to be a lot more work that I anticipated.

Matters have, of course, been complicated by a lack of time and mental energy for starting something new up. And finally, finding the right project is a problem all of itself.


I have been playing tabletop, or pen and paper, roleplaying games since high school. Life, however, has been preventing me for several years in enjoying this pass time, but I have decided that this should change now.

So, I have my project, now to determine what I want it to do.


I want to make a tool to help me when I am heading a game, it should help with the more mundane and common tasks, like initiative, order of battle and so on.

Some more tools, like a name generator, an encounter generator, a treasure generator etc. could all be considered down the line.

First first, something simple, so I will go with a tool for managing initiative.

The Specification

  1. Goal: It must be possible to manage several campaigns, so it won’t be necessary to enter all information every session.
  2. Goal: It must be possible to enter PCs and NPCs and rolling, or entering initiative.
  3. Goal: Order of battle, manage the initiative order, round by round. Monitor health.
  4. Architecture: It must be support multiple systems, like Storyteller / Storytelling, D&D.
  5. Architecture: If possible to WinRT apps, it must support a plugin model, so I can add new functionality and systems without having to recompile the whole thing.
  6. Goal: If not, then organize the app internally as if it supports plugins.
  7. Stretch goal: Tentativ support for Windows Phone as well.

When these goals have been met, It should be ready for initial deployment to the store.