Starting a new blog

Well, everything seems to be working as intended.

This is my second or third attempt at setting up a blog. Not that I necessarily have that much to blog about, but I have a couple of passions that are suitable for blogging.

Since I started playing at blogging, I have been using the BlogEngine.NET engine. This engine is fairly easy to setup and easy to use.


My earlier attempts at blogging primarily stranded on me not having the time for it.

Another, secondary problem, is that I had several instances of the blog engine running, one for my personal blog, one for a roleplaying game I ran, and a couple of others.

All in all, I had 4 or 5 different instances running at one time, and every one of them ran on a different version of the blog engine.

Stupid me…


Now, however, BlogEngine.NET supports multiple blogs, and have for some time, and the need for so many blogs have been reduced, so now I am going to try again.

This is it Smiley


I have two passions that I intend to blog about on this site: Computer Programming and Roleplaying Games.


And so it begins…

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