Storytelling Birthright

I had a crazy idea a while back. How about adapting one of the greatest, IMHO, campaign settings in the history of AD&D to the Storytelling system?

This post is the beginning of that work.


  • Based on New World of Darkness Storytelling system
  • All characters are created as per the World of Darkness rulebook
  • Add a template for race
  • Maybe Add a template for Blooded Scion or Unblooded
  • Choose a Merit for Magical Talent (For both wizard/clerics)
    • Could be in several levels.
  • Blooded could be a Merit as well.
  • No classes of course, but a selection of professions that define preferred attributes/abilities etc. for typical professions: Wizard, Cleric, Paladin etc.
  • Magic system inspired by the Freeform system in Trinity Players Guide.
  • Or maybe as in Mage – The Awakening
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