Storytelling Birthright – Character Creation

  1. Determine Concept and Background
  2. Select Attributes; All Attributes have a starting value of 1 dot. Divide 12 dots among the 9 attributes, The fifth dot costs two dots to purchase.
  3. Select Skills; Divide 22 dots among the skills. The fifth dot in any skill costs two dots to purchase.
  4. Select skill specialties; Select three skill specialties.
  5. Select racial template.
  6. Determine advantages; Defense (lowest of Dexterity or Wits), Health (Stamina + Size), Initiative (Dexterity + Composure), Morality (7), Size (5 for most humans), Speed (Strength + Dexterity + racial speed modifier), Willpower (Resolve + Composure) and Virtue / Vice.
  7. Select Merits; Spend 7 dots on Merits. The fifth dot costs two dots to purchase.
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