Storytelling Birthright: Racial Templates

This post contains my initial draft of the racial templates for the Storytelling Birthright campaign setting.


  • Physical Characteristics: 120-135 cm tall, 125-150 kg. Gray skin, stony and cold to the touch. Jet-black eyes. Hair and beard is black or dark gray, usually cropped short.
  • Favored attribute group: Power.
  • +1 bonus to all Stamina rolls.
  • -1 penalty to all Dexterity rolls, that involves running, jumping or other acrobatics.
  • +1 bonus to Resistance rolls against magic.
  • Dice Pool for Lifting/Moving Objects is 4 higher.
  • Damage from crushing or bludgeoning attacks are halved.
  • Infravision up to 30 meters.
  • Rarely uses magic and not wizard magic at all.
  • Add +1 to Health.
  • Speed modifier is 3.


  • Physical Characteristics: 165-180 cm, 50-60 kg. Fair skin, Dark hair. Exquisite features.
  • Favored attribute group: Finesse.
  • +1 bonus to all Dexterity and Wits rolls.
  • -1 penalty to all Stamina and Strength rolls.
  • Unaffected by aging attacks and normal diseases.
  • All resistance rolls against Sleep and Charm Magical attacks are simple checks.
  • Unaffected by aging attacks and normal diseases.
  • Untraceable in natural environments.
  • Night vision.
  • Do not need sleep, but must rest quietly for at least 6 hours each day.
  • Speed modifier is 6.


  • Physical characteristics: Mostly as parent human, but with elven features mixed in, making them generally more ethereal and beautiful than their human kin.
  • Favored attribute group: Finesse.
  • +1 bonus to all Dexterity rolls.
  • -1 penalty to all Stamina rolls.
  • Considered fully Sidhelien by the elves, but is generally mistrusted by humans.
  • +2 bonus to resistance rolls against Sleep and Charm, Aging attacks and normal diseases.
  • Need sleep as humans.
  • Night vision.
  • Speed modifier: 5.


  • Physical characteristics: 100 – 120 cm, 20 – 30 kg. Resemble small humans. Usually slightly on the stocky side.
  • Favored attribute group: Resistance.
  • +1 bonus to all Dexterity and Composure rolls.
  • -2 penalty to all Strength rolls.
  • +1 bonus to all Sling and thrown missile attacks.
  • +1 bonus to resistance rolls against poison and magic.
  • +1 bonus to surprise opponents.
  • Can see into the Shadow World when concentrating for a turn.
    • This will add a +2 bonus to rolls for detecting evil, detecting dead and detecting necromancy magic.
  • Can Shadow Walk and Dimension Door 3 times a week in any combination.
  • Speed modifier: 3.
  • Size: 3.


Common to all humans, regardless of culture:

  • Size: 5
  • Speed modifier: 5.
  • 3 extra dots to spend on skills at character creation.
  • 1 extra dot to spent on merits at character creation.


  • Cultural distinctions: Stubborn, proud, warlike. Social order is important.
  • +1 bonus to all Will saves, Bluff rolls, Sense motive and Knowledge (Nobility).


  • Cultural distinctions: The Brecht believe in free enterprise, sharp wits and nimble fingers.
  • +1 bonus to initiative and to Reflex saves when wearing no armor or light armor. You also gain a +1 bonus to all Appraise checks.


  • Cultural distinctions: Well-educated traders. Value the individual. Hospitality and conduct are more important than wealth. The Khinasi have no fear of magic.
  • +1 bonus to all Diplomacy and Spellcraft checks. All knowledge skills are considered class skills for you at first level.


  • Cultural distinctions: A wild and hardy people. From an early age they are taught a deep reverence and respect for the wilds.
  • +1 bonus to all Fortitude saves, and have a +1 b onus to all Wilderness Lore checks in forests and hills. Wilderness Lore is considered a class skill for you at first level.


  • Cultural distinctions: A strong and warlike people with a rigid code of face and honor. Almost all Vos men are warriors and hunters
  • You gain a +2 bonus to strength when determining carrying capacity or making a strength check, and a +1 bonus on all Wilderness Lore checks in cold wasteland or tundra. Intimidate is considered a class skill for you at first level.

Storytelling Birthright – Character Creation

  1. Determine Concept and Background
  2. Select Attributes; All Attributes have a starting value of 1 dot. Divide 12 dots among the 9 attributes, The fifth dot costs two dots to purchase.
  3. Select Skills; Divide 22 dots among the skills. The fifth dot in any skill costs two dots to purchase.
  4. Select skill specialties; Select three skill specialties.
  5. Select racial template.
  6. Determine advantages; Defense (lowest of Dexterity or Wits), Health (Stamina + Size), Initiative (Dexterity + Composure), Morality (7), Size (5 for most humans), Speed (Strength + Dexterity + racial speed modifier), Willpower (Resolve + Composure) and Virtue / Vice.
  7. Select Merits; Spend 7 dots on Merits. The fifth dot costs two dots to purchase.

Storytelling Birthright

I had a crazy idea a while back. How about adapting one of the greatest, IMHO, campaign settings in the history of AD&D to the Storytelling system?

This post is the beginning of that work.


  • Based on New World of Darkness Storytelling system
  • All characters are created as per the World of Darkness rulebook
  • Add a template for race
  • Maybe Add a template for Blooded Scion or Unblooded
  • Choose a Merit for Magical Talent (For both wizard/clerics)
    • Could be in several levels.
  • Blooded could be a Merit as well.
  • No classes of course, but a selection of professions that define preferred attributes/abilities etc. for typical professions: Wizard, Cleric, Paladin etc.
  • Magic system inspired by the Freeform system in Trinity Players Guide.
  • Or maybe as in Mage – The Awakening